august 30, 2010

Herbs, cure for our mind, body and soul...

It's in our human nature to seek cure in nature. Of course, in morern life we are sourounded by a lot of confortable solutions for our problems. We try to obtain food with less efort, as we consume more and more even we don't need to.
In my opinion, all our problems are caused by this mad race for having, consuming and even wasting.
With all these, health problems are pretty much the same fom we began to evolve as homo sapiens sapiens untill now.
Our ancesters had solutions, cures for allmost every issue. They discovered that The Earth gives us the solution to be healthy. But as much as we evolved and get confortable, we started to put in shadow this source of health and energy: NATURE.
Today, more and more people discover again the power oh healing nature. Few of us are trying to read pages of herbs histoy in order to reinvent the way we are living.
Here I will try to gather everything that means healthy life, diet, cures given us by nature:herbs
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